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Redaction in Adobe 9 Professional

I just received a reviewers copy of Acrobat 9 Pro Extended and am going to post some comments as I have a chance to use the program and look through the features.

The first feature I wanted to look at was redaction.  Legal professionals should know by now that Adobe Acrobat can redact sensitive information from documents.  Acrobat Professional 8 provided the ability to readact individual words and to search for words and redact selected instances of the word.  Acrobat 9 extends this ability in several ways.  All of these functions can be accessed through the Advanced Menu, Redaction group.

Mark for Readaction and Search and Redact were available in Acrobat 8.  However, Search and Redact has been expanded to include several new search choices.  First, you can now search for multiple words and phrases.  This is a big time saver when you have more than one word that has to be redacted throughout a document.  Second, you can now search for patterns including social security numbers, phone numbers, credit cards and email addresses.

Redaction Patterns in Acrobat 9

The redaction tools in Acrobat Professional are something that every legal professional (or anyone else needing to protect sensitive information) should look at.  Adobe Acrobat is much more than a PDF writer.

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