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Recent Increase in Spam

I read with interest the recent thread on the Wisconsin Bar Association’s Practice 411 list regarding the recent outbreak of spam.  I have noticed it recently as well.  The latest round of spam uses lots of unrelated words in a single sentence for the subject.  The body is composed of a graphic with random noise in the image to help it avoid detection by spam filters.  I have what I consider to be a fantastic spam filter (MXLogic) and some of these are still getting through to me.

Argh!  As I was writing this post I just got another one!  The subject of this one “This way, of hosts call for beryl, the rough valley.”  Same stupid black graphic I have seen 15 times during the last week.  Who do they think will be fooled by this?  This post might turn into a rant if another one comes in.

Tonight, I downloaded a “Delete as Spam” toolbar button from MXLogic for Outlook.  The nature of this new round of spam is very hard for filters to catch but at least now I will have the satisfaction of flagging it as such. 

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