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QuickBooks 2005 and IE7

As everyone now knows, Microsoft has released a long-awaited new version of Internet Explorer.  My observations indicate that, for the most part, IE7 is running just fine with most legal specific applications including Time Matters, Billing Matters, TABS and Worldox.  QuickBooks, on the other hand, has been displaying a warning that 2005 Pro is not compatable with IE7 and that a QuickBooks update will be released soon to resolve the issue.  This means that you should not upgrade to IE7 until the QuickBooks update is released.

IE7 is being deployed through Windows updates.  If you don’t want to receive the update, you can simply decline the update when asked to do so or changes can be made at the server level to prevent staff members from installing it accidentally.  For more information on IE7 in general, use the following link: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/default.mspx

For more information on how to block the upgrade to IE7, use the following link http://www.microsoft.com/technet/updatemanagement/windowsupdate/ie7blockertoolfaq.mspx or call ITP directly at 414-328-1751.

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