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Quick and Easy Time Matters Reports

How to create Time Matters reports is a question that comes up very often during Time Matters Boot Camps.  The program gives you a number of reporting options including several built in standard report formats, with various options.  Alternatively, a third party report writer like Crystal Reports can be used to produce very professional reports that include just about any Time Matters or Billing Matters data you want to view.

While there are a number of options, the one that I find myself using for most of my reports is Send to Excel.  Send to Excel takes the list data as it is displayed on screen and sends it to an Excel spreadsheet.  For reports, I typically use Send to Excel in conjunction with a Quick Tab.  The Quick Tab performs the search and sort, as well as selecting the columns for the list.  This means that many reports are as few as three clicks away – List, Quick Tab, Send to Excel.

Another nice thing about using Send to Excel is that there is almost certainly someone in your office who knows Excel well enough to setup custom headers, footers and page layouts.  This is much easier than learning the custom report writer in Time Matters or how to use Crystal Reports.

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