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Print Bookmarks Only in Acrobat Pro

I encountered an interesting Adobe situation today.  A client sent me a 60 page PDF that included approximately 25 sample documents they would like me to add as Time Matters forms.  When the single PDF was created from the multiple files, Adobe created bookmarks for each document within the PDF.  All good so far.  The bookmarks make it easy for me to jump to the exact document I would like to see.  The problem is that I wanted to print a list of the documents within the PDF.  It should be simple to print just those bookmarks right?

Not quite.  None of the Adobe print commands provide this setting.  A little research suggested that I might be able to do it from the Batch Processing function but the function I was looking for, called “List All Bookmarks,” was not available.  More research, which basically involved narrowing my search to the correct Google terms.

I should have known that the answer would be found on Rick Borstein’s blog, Acrobat for Legal Professionals.  Rick is the guru of using Acrobat in the law office.  Sure enough, Rick has a simple Adobe Sequence file (a script) that I downloaded and copied to the correct directory on my computer and, hurray, I now see “List All Bookmarks” under Batch Processing.  A few clicks later and I am looking at a list of the documents in the combined PDF.  Thanks Rick and I hope to see you next week at the ABA Techshow.

List of Bookmarks

List of Bookmarks

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