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Offline Files – Adding New Folders to Sync

I can’t take credit for this. Our wiz Senior Engineer Peter Niebler found this solution for me.

For some time, I have been using Windows Offline Files along with the Time Matters laptop sync. Basically, I have both my main database and my laptop database save to s:docs(folder). I then use Offline Files to sync the entire s:docs directory to my laptop. This way, either database sees the files in the same place. This greatly reduced the time of the TM sync and just seems to work better. Problem was, every time I created a folder on the network that folder would have to be added manually to the sync. This was a slight annoyance for me but a major one for my clients trying to use the same system as they tend to add a lot more folders than I do.

Peter found a link on Microsoft’s website to a process that will eliminate this extra step. The link is at http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=262090.

Note that your first sync after doing this will take longer than normal as it adds the files that were previously not syncing. Also, note that if you only want to sync some of the folders, this will make them all sync.

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