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My Favorite Clueless User Story

This article from TechRepublic made me laugh.  It includes ten stories sent in by members about the most clueless user they ever met.  It reminded me of my favortie clueless user.

This happened about eight years ago.  About a month prior, we had installed a new network for a client including servers and around twenty new workstations.  I was there for a follow up visit to see how the various users were doing with their new system.  When I began speaking to one lady, she immediately began telling me how much she hated her new keyboard.  OK, I thought, this can be fixed.  I asked her what she did not like about it and she told me that the A key did not work.

I sat down and tried the A key and, sure enough, something was wrong.  You would press the key and it would stick then very slowly rise back up.  I looked up and saw a can of Diet Coke sitting on the shelf about two feet directly above the keyboard and asked “Have you ever spilled anything on it?”

“No,” she insisted.

I told her that I had a spare in the car and disconnected the keyboard in order to replace it.  As I lifted the keyboard and tilted it slightly, Diet Coke poured out of it.  She must have forgotten spilling a whole can onto it.

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