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More on Outlook 2007 Search Folders

As a follow up to my post about Outlook 2007 Search Folders, I wanted to comment about another simple but useful search folder.  In Outlook 2003, you could flag an email for follow up and color code the flags.  Outlook 2007 allows you to both flag and categorize emails.  Flagging is done by clicking on the flag (right clicking gives you time based options for the flag), while categorizing is done by clicking on small square before the flag (here, a right click allows color coding options).

You can create a Search Folder for “Categorized Mail” by right clicking on an uncategorized item and selecting Create Category Search Folder.  This will create a folder that shows all email that has been assigned a category.

 I am finally back to using Outlook 2007 the way I used to use Outlook 2003 for follow up.

Outlook 2007 Flag Example

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