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More Fun with Vista

I’ve been hearing lots of grumbling recently about Vista. Most of comments echo my own. “I really like the look and feel of Vista but why is [Insert your function here] so darn difficult?”

Two recent issues I have encountered might illustrate my point.

While helping a client install Time Matters to a new workstation, I had to share a folder on the their existing Vista workstation and make it accessible from the new one. Both systems were Home Premium, which I would not recommend for any business use, by the way. After almost two hours of changing settings, granting rights, etc., I was able to see the share but not access it. Argh! I understand that much of Vista is designed to protect users from themself but come on. It should not be nearly impossible for an experienced user to do something as simple as setting up a peer-to-peer network of two computers.

Second, during this process I was connected via GoToMyPC. While trying to share the folder, I was continually prompted with the already infamous “Allow this? – Continue that?” prompts. Trouble is, these prompts are only visible to the person sitting at the computer and not the rest of the GoToMeeting attendees, including me. I found myself have to stop and ask my client, “Do you have a prompt right now that I cannot see?” Very inconvenient and all the more frustrating because the client was never asked if they could allow me to see the prompts.

Security is clearly an area where Windows has been beat up in the past, but I am beginning to wonder if Microsoft went too far. For me, and for most of my clients, getting my job done is the most important thing that software can do for me.

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3 Responses

  1. Corey Smith says:

    This user authorization control has been my biggest Windows Vista complaint as well. I went through the settings to change mine so as not have the annoying pop-ups, but I found a little tweak app that simplifies the process.


    Let me know how it works for you.

  2. Jeff Krause says:

    Thanks Corey. Tweak-UAC solves one of my problems related to the User Account Control – the constant popups. The bigger one I have right now requires me to turn it off and on in order to run some of the links in Time Matters. I am going to write a post on this issue soon.

  3. […]  Thanks to Corey Smith of Master the Business, who pointed me to TweakUAC, an app that places User Account Control into ”Quiet” mode.  In a few short hours it has saved me from a bunch of annoying popups.  See my earlier post on pop-ups in GoToMeeting. […]

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