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Manually Clearing Favorite Files in Worldox GX2

Worldox has a great feature called Favorite Files.  Favorite Files track the documents you have opened or saved recently.  It is accessible from the “Heart” icon on the toolbar.

I have had a lot of people tell me recently that their Favorite Files has too many files listed and takes too long to load.  My Lawtopia partner, Craig Bayer, tells me that he has several clients asking the same question.  There is a setting under Edit – Preferences that allows you to lower the number of Favorites.  However, recently, this does not seem to actually make any difference for any client that I have shown it to.  Everyone who has mentioned this to me is a Worldox GX2 user.

However, you can easily remove files from your Favorite Files list and make it load much faster.  For example, let’s say your favorite files list contains 250 files and takes five seconds to load.  Here are the steps for paring it down:

  1. Open your Favorite Files list
  2. Sort the list by Modified date with the newest at the top
  3. Scroll down and select a file around 15 or 30 days out depending on how far back you would like to see your Favorites list
  4. Click the file
  5. Hold down the Shift key and scroll down to the bottom of the list
  6. Click the bottom file
  7. All files from your selection to the bottom of the list will now have a check mark
  8. Right click in the list
  9. Select Edit, Favorite Files and Remove
  10. Follow the prompts

If you follow this process, the selected files will be removed from your Favorite Files and your list will load much faster.  Of course, you can uncheck some files before you remove them if you want a few older files in your list or search for them and open them the next time you need it.  Do this periodically and you can keep your favorite files list much smaller.

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