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Lexis Front Office Data Indexer

Those of you who have made the move to Lexis Front Office Powered by Time Matters 9, may have noticed a small taskbar icon called Lexis Front Office Data Indexer.  This feature was not given a lot of attention when the product was first released but it is a really significant improvement to Time Matters (I mean Front Office – still hard to get used to the name change).

The Data Indexer powers the redesigned Global Search feature in Front Office.  In the past, the Global Search could take quite a while to run a conflict search of the entire database.  To say that the Data Indexer has shortened the search time considerably would be an understatement.  In my observations, I think the search time may have been reduced by 95% compared to previous versions.  It is that fast!

The Global Search has also been made more accessible in Front Office.  A new “Search Entry” button can be added to the toolbar which gives you a text box for your search terms.

If you had previously given up on Global Search, give it another look in Front Office.  

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