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LegalTech West Coast Day 1

I am in Los Angeles today and tomorrow for LegalTech West.  As usual for a conference like this, I spent much of my day today catching up with old friends.  However, for the first time in quite a while, I was actually able to attend a few sessions.

I sat in on Leadership in Times of Turbulence where Monica Bay, George Rudoy, Tom Ranalli and Jim McKenna addressed a variety of ways for Legal IT Professionals to manage their team, protect their career and provide value to their firms.  This session was full of interesting information.  One comment I wrote down was from Jim McKenna while discussing how IT needs to understand how their users work.  Jim said, “From a partner’s perspective, Outlook is the killer app.”  Writing as someone whose job is to make law firms and attorneys use technology more efficiently, that comment really made me stop and think.  As I write this hours later, I am still thinking about it.

I later had the opportunity to sit in as Donna Payne and Leah Matthews discussed Getting the Most Out of Your Investment in Office 2007.  I have been training Word and Excel 2007 users for almost two years and I must say that I learned quite a  bit during that presentation.

Tomorrow, I will be presenting with my friend and fellow CIC, Kelly Jones.  Our topic is Newly On Your Own: Best Practices for Starting Up New Solo or Small Firm Practices.  If you are here at LegalTech, I hope to see you tomorrow at 10:30 in room 507.

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