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Law Technology News Article on Billing Matters Sunrise

Law Technology News published an article on their website today entitled Lexis Changes Course, Keeps Billing Matters Software.  In the article, Jonah Paransky, Vice President and General Manager of Practice Management explains some of the reasons for the decision.

“We learn about our market as we go. At the time we believed that we could transition those customers to other billing options in our portfolio and provide them with an experience that would be different and still meet their needs. That transistion was going to be more difficult for our customers and our partners than we expected”

So, in other words, LexisNexis listened to their customers and consultants, and changed their strategy accordingly.  That makes sense to me.  Not only do I agree with this – I lobbied for it.

Nevertheless, as I predicted in my post earlier this week Lexis Decides to Sunrise Billing Matters, there are naysayers.  In the same Law Technology News article, former LexisNexis CIC John Heckman is also quoted:

“I think they’re right that they have not been able to transition people from Billing Matters to PCLAw. On the other hand, Billing Matters was always a second-rate program. It was very buggy. There was, in fact, a utility that they had to develop to fix general ledger balances because it would be out-of-whack.”

I disagree with this statement for several reasons.  Despite some issues with the accounting functions, Billing Matters has always been a powerful easy-to-use billing system.  I have many satisfied clients using the billing functions of Billing Matters because it so seamlessly integrates with Time Matters and is very customizable.  It is far from second-rate if those are the features you are looking for in your billing system.  Furthermore, fixing general ledger balances refers to issues with the accounting aspect of the program – the part that LexisNexis still intends to sunset.  With the accounting portion turned off, Billing Matters was no more buggy than other programs and that was before some of the stability improvements I have seen in Time Matters in versions 10 and 11.  LexisNexis  has recognized that the billing functions of Billing Matters are critical to their customers and has decided not to sunset those components.  That’s good news to me.

I am not trying to be a shill for LexisNexis here.  I install and support Tabs3 and the other great products from Software Technology Inc. and will continue to do so.  At least one of my Lawtopia partners supports just about every legal billing system on the market.  The simple truth is that this decision by LexisNexis is a great relief to many of my clients who did not want to switch from Billing Matters when it was sunsetted.

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