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January and February Boot Camp Recap

Wow, where did the last two months go?  As bad as the economic news seems to be, I have been busier than ever the last two months.  I won’t complain about that although my family is not always thrilled about how busy I am.

Anyway, I wanted to say thanks to everyone who attended the Time Matters Boot Camps I did in Philadelphia and New Orleans recently as well as the Advanced Boot Camp I did in New York.  I would especially like to thank those CICs you stopped by and I hope I don’t forget anyone.

In Philadelphia, I had the pleasure to see Storm Evans, Rick Prince and Dan Siegel.  In New York, it was great to visit with Jeff Levine and Anthony Caputo and to catch up with Carol Schlein.  In New Orleans, I was able to hang out with, get a tour of the town from and talk business with Craig Bayer.

Looking forward to Las Vegas next month.

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