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Is it time for a new website?

As 2015 comes to a close, you are probably starting to plan for the new year. Your website strategy is an important component of your marketing plan and you may ask yourself, is it time for a new website? This is a common question that comes up all the time and many different factors go into deciding if you need a new website.

Cloud computing conceptIs your site mobile friendly?
Last April, Google made some changes to their search algorithms that favor websites that are mobile friendly and look good on smart phones and tablets. Google tweaked its algorithm for mobile searches to favor sites that look good on smartphone screens, and penalize sites with content that is too wide for a phone screen and text and links that are too small.
If your site is not mobile friendly, this could negatively impact how people can find your website. The advantages to making a site mobile-friendly go beyond just boosting your Google ranking. For sites that are mobile-optimized, search sends a number of visitors to smartphone sites and contributes to a significant portion of a website’s revenue. According to a study of 100 top mobile properties by Branding Brand, search accounted for nearly half of all smartphone traffic (43 percent) in Q1 2015, up 5 percent from the prior quarter. In addition, organic search produced 25 percent of all revenue on smartphone-optimized sites.

Can you update your website easily?
New technology has helped make websites easy for companies of all shapes and sizes to update their website. Three of the most popular website editors are: Wix, Squarespace and WordPress.

  • WordPress – Thousands of websites use WordPress. It is an industry standard that can be used by people that are new to building websites and higher end web developers. Because of its popularity, it is a go-to for companies of all shapes and sizes.
  • Wix.com – Wix allows anyone to create a website with no HTML of CC coding needed. Anyone can get a website up and running with a few images and content.
  • Squarespace – Similar to Wix, Squarespace allows anyone to create a website with just images and content. Squarespace features hundreds of templates for many different industries.


What website editor right for your firm?
Solfecta recommends using WordPress for your firm. WordPress offers the most flexibility and has the largest community of experts that can help you with your website. With WordPress, you might be able to update your website on your own once it is built or you can find thousands of marketing and website firms and specialist that can help. While Wix and Squarespace might be easier for you to update your website, WordPress typically fare better in SEO performance than WIX or Squarespace website.

Recently, Wix websites ran into some issues with Google, which negativity affected some Wix websites rankings. This is the tradeoff for using a website builder that like Wix. While Wix is easy to use for just about anyone, it doesn’t have the robust features that WordPress offers.

Have you recently rebranded your firm?
Do you have a new logo for your firm or have you recently changed names? This is a great opportunity to refresh your website. When firms change names or logos, typically this means that colors and other branding efforts are updated as well. In addition to updating business cards, brochures and newsletter, your website should reflect your brand.

Are you getting enough website traffic?
How is your website performing? Are you getting enough leads from your online presence? If you answer no to any of these questions, it might be time to look at your website and ask yourself if it’s time for a change. Your website needs to be mobile ready and perform well on Google.

As noted, new technology makes this easier. Websites need to be mobile and most of the website builders today like Squarespace or WordPress make it easier than ever to have a responsive website.

WordPress plugins like Yoast make it easier than ever to manage SEO on your website. This plugin allows you to make updates to your metadata without the need to know complex coding.

Social mediadrawing social network structure in a whiteboard
Everyone is on social media these days. People are using social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn to research your firm before making their first phone call. In fact, according to recent report from the Social Media Examiner, 47 percent of customers say social media sites influence their decision to purchase a company’s products or services.

One way to improve your social media presence is to allow users to easily share blog articles or webpages on any social media platform. This allows your firms presence to grow on social media platforms and encourage more followers organically.

Do you have links to your social media profiles on your website? Typically you should have this information in your header or footer on your site next to your contact information. This will make your social media profiles show up throughout your site and allow users to easily follow your firm online.

Does your firm need a new website?
Solfecta can help. We recently introduced new Marketing Services designed specifically for Law Firms. Schedule a free consultation today or attend our upcoming webinar, Creating a Marketing Plan for Your Law Firm (and Sticking to It).



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