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Internet Explorer 7 Released

Microsoft has released its first update to Internet Explorer in five years.  Internet Explorer 7 features a new look and feel that includes a less cluttered screen and tabbed browsing.  Printing and RSS capabilities have been enhanced and you can choose your favorite search engine as a default.  Security enhancements include a phishing filter which will send a web URL to Microsoft for analysis.

First impressions?  For the most part, a browser is a browser.  IE is now a little bit more like Firefox.  I like tabbed browsing but it takes a little time to get used to.  I am constantly clicking in my quick start bar to open another instance of IE.  I will get used to it soon, I hope.  My Google, Time Matters and Snag-It toolbars transferred from IE6, which was a plus. 

Download IE7 from Microsoft’s website or, if you have automatic security updates turned on in XP, wait for the automatic update in a few weeks.

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