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IE7 Favorites Center

After using Internet Explorer 7 for the last few weeks I am finding that I really like the Favorites Center.  The Favorites Center is the small star just to the left of the browser tabs.  I never used favorites to open sites prior to IE7.  Instead, I placed links or folders of links on the Links toolbar.  Primarily, is used this method because I did not like to have the Favorites taking up a bunch of screen space.  Now, I find the new Favorites Center is more convenient.  One click opens the Favorites and another opens the site I want to visit.  Then, the Favorites disappear until I need them again.  No wasted screen real estate.

IE7 Favorites Center

Adding Favorites is easy.  Just click the star with the green plus sign.  As you can see, you can organize your Favorites into folders of links.  If and when you upgrade to IE7, try this

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