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How to Manage a Successful Law Firm

I am pleased to present a guest post by freelance writer Heather Johnson.  Heather provides a number of useful thoughts on how to make your law firm, or any business, successful.  JSK

In order to run a successful law firm you have to find the key to effective management.  A successful law firm will not appear because you’ve passed the bar exam and have rented some office space.  There are many components that you must consider to ensure you’re operating the most efficient law practice you can.  Here are some ideas to keep in mind as you travel down this entrepreneurial path:

∙ clearly define the area of law you and your firm practice.  Don’t be nebulous in your description of your business.  Accordingly, understand your market(s) and maintain your firm’s focus in this direction.

∙ hire the right people and once you’ve got them under your roof keep them there.  It’s very difficult to search for the right hires but you’ll know when you have a quality professional in your employ and you’ll have to smart enough to keep them on your team.  This calls for a strong recruiting effort which will also work as a tool for retention if you treat your employees correctly from the initial courting process.

∙ use your time wisely.  If you’re billing $500 an hour and you’re wasting your time fixing the copy machine then you’re losing valuable time and money.  Don’t confuse administration and management.  Hire the right people to take care of basic office work such as payroll, billing, mailings, etc.  Additionally, it’s vital that your partners aren’t wasting time doing unnecessary tasks around the office that should be completed by different staff members.

∙ create a business plan and stick to it.  Clearly define roles that fit your plan and select the appropriate individuals for each position.  It’s a sound idea to review your plan every three to five years.  This will allow you to keep a fresh perspective on your business and consider the direction your firm is headed, be it positive or negative.

∙ after you’ve set team goals, translate them into individualized assignments for everyone on the staff that earns a fee.

∙ your clients deserve the best service, so deliver it to them.  Clients ultimately drive your business so it’s imperative they sense your competency and are left with complete satisfaction with the quality of your firm’s work.

∙ aide your partners and associates in understanding both the financial opportunities and hurdles the firm faces.  Always define the long-term and short-term financial goals and use these as motivational tools for yourself and your current and future partners.

Heather P. Johnson is a freelance writer, as well as a contributor for Credit Card Lowdown, a site specializing in helping consumers find 0 apr credit cards. Heather welcomes your comments, questions and writing job inquiries at her email address heatherjohnson2323@gmail.com.

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