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How to Create and Use ScanSnap Profiles and Quick Menus

Every so often, I come across a product feature that I should have known about didn’t. Perhaps, I choose a way to do something that works for me, get used to it and never think about a better way. All of us get stuck in our way of doing things, I suppose.

This past week, I learned something about the Fujitsu ScanSnap.

00025024For years, I have helped my clients setup the ScanSnap link with Worldox. To do this, I created a profile called Worldox. I set this profile as the default and it calls an executable called WDSCANSAVE.EXE to open a Worldox save dialog when a document passes through the ScanSnap. If you use Worldox and don’t have your ScanSnap setup to work this way, you are wasting a little time with every scan.

Since some of you are wondering how to create a ScanSnap profile, here are the steps:

  • Right client the ScanSnap icon in your system tray and select “Scan Button Settings”
  • Uncheck Quick Menu (more on this later)
  • On the Applications Tab, select Add or Remove
  • Click Add
  • Browse to the application’s executable (e.g. WDSCANSAVE.EXE or ACROBAT.EXE)
  • Name the Application
  • Click OK to save
  • Click Close
  • Select your newly created profile in the Application field
  • Click OK
  • This application will now launch by default when you scan.


Be aware, the ScanSnap comes with several built in profiles and you can also select any of these as a default. So, for example, if you always Scan to Email you can simply set this as your default without creating a profile.

Lately, I have been receiving requests for more flexible ways to scan with the ScanSnap. In other words, users sometimes want to save to Worldox and other times want to scan directly to their printer or open the document Adobe Acrobat. My advice was to change the default profile before they scan. This takes a few second and is a bit of a hassle. When a client told me that it was “too much of a hassle” I was forced to find a better way. It turns out that the solution was very easy.

All we had to do was recheck Quick Menu and then select Quick Menu as the “Application.” This will prompt you to choose a profile after each scan. Custom profiles like the Worldox save describe above have to be created first in order to appear but once you save, they display in the Quick Menu.

In all my years of using ScanSnap, I never realized you could force it to prompt for a profile after each scan. Why not? Because I always unchecked Quick Menu and selected a default profile. I have wasted a lot of my own time by switching pre-scan and, unfortunately, so have many of my clients. Many thanks to one of them for finally saying “No Jeff, there has to be a better way.”


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