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How Are You Using PDF Portfolios?

One of my favorite Adobe Acrobat featutres is the PDF Portfolio added in Acrobat 9 Professional.  PDF Portfolios are a new way to combine files of any type, not just PDFs, into a single PDF file.  The single file can be opened by anyone with Acrobat and the individual files retain the ability to be opened within their native application.  With Adobe Acrobat Professional 9, PDF Portfolios are really easy to create.  Simply, select Create and Assemble PDF Portfolio.  Add the files you want in the portfolio and you are ready to go.

It seems like there would be so many legal uses for PDF Portfolios – demand packages for PI Firms, estate plans, incorporation packets, etc.  However, I am under the impression that law firms are not using this great new tool.  I am inviting comments from lawyers who are using them in order to share some creative uses for them.

Lastly, if you have never seen a PDF Portfolio or would like some training on it, I do offer training on Adobe Acrobat in person or via the web.  Contact me via my Krause Practice Management website.

Blawger Survivor Update:  Two more posts to go!  Take a look at The Connecticut Employment Law Blog for a post on hurricane policies and preparedness.  Most of Dan’s post relates to how you deal with the various employment law questions that arise during a hurricane or other natural disaster.  Good advice and it should remind you to dust off your own disaster preparations.  Have you tested your backup and redundant power supply lately?  I hope Danny strays off into the Atlantic and makes some of Dan’s advice unnecessary.

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