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HotDocs 2008 Released

Receiving my CIC copy in the mail today reminded me that I had not posted anything about HotDocs 2008.  I have always thought that HotDocs was one of the greatest productivity enhancing tools a law firm could buy.  The problem is that it has always had a steep learning curve.  Getting really good with HotDocs required time and effort, especially to learn the scripting language used in dialogs.

HotDocs 2008 might just lessen the time it takes to learn HotDocs.  Model Documents allow users to create self-contained documents without external answer files.  Model Documents use a simpler markup language, making them less confusing and easier to change.  Automatic interview promises to eliminate the need to create dialog scripts.

I have not had time to fully evaluate these new features but they promise to open the power of HotDocs up to many users who, previously, found it too confusing or time consuming.  I will write about them in more detail once I have tried them out.  In the meantime, there is more information about HotDocs posted on my website at Krause Practice Management.

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