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Hopefully, I am not “Lost”

This is not legal technology related but something funny happened to me last week on my trip to Mobile.

My travel problems are becoming legendary around the office.  I normally fly American and the on time percentage for my flights in 2008 must be in the 30% range.  Add to that the March snow storm that stranded me in Texas, the April tornado that missed my hotel by a few blocks in Little Rock, the May snowstorm I encountered in Denver, the Lake Express Ferry being cancelled on me and the the fire alarms going off at random at the State Bar of Michigan offices …  Well, you get the picture.

So, I am having an event free, on time, trip to Mobile last week with no hurricanes in the forecast.  As I was waiting at Memphis International for my connecting flight, Michael Emerson walks up and sits down next to me.  Michael plays Ben, the creepy leader of the Others on the TV show Lost, had a role in Saw, and also won an Emmy for playing a serial killer on the Practice.  This cannot be a good sign!

Turns out Michael is a very nice man.  We chatted for a few minutes about mundane things like airport food and airline delays before his gate was changed.  Best of all, I am not stranded in a parallel universe somewhere.

On second thought, how would I really know?

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    Did you take pictures?

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