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Holiday Mailing Lists in Time Matters

It’s that time of year when people start thinking about sending holiday cards or other greetings.  Every year, clients and Time Matters Boot Camp attendees ask me about the best way to do this with Time Matters.  Here is the system that I use.

First, I configure a field on my Contact form to track whether someone is on my list.  I use a text field with custom answers configured for “Yes” and “No.”  Why not a check box?  I want to leave an option for Contacts that may or may not be on my list, without actually excluding them.  With a check box, the answer is either yes or no with nothing in between.  Yes, No and Blank are more flexible.  But I digress.

Next, I search for and print off two lists, one where Holiday is Yes and one where Holiday is No.  I review both lists for last minute changes and make those changes in Time Matters.  Then I rerun my search for those on the list.

From here, there are options.  Some folks print labels from their list.  Clear labels with black italic text make nice holiday address labels because they work well on red or green envelopes.  If you are not doing the cards yourself, export your list to Excel or some other format that your printer can use.

I use this same concept for email newsletters.  In that situation, I export to Excel and send to my favorite email marketing program, MailChimp.

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