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Hiding Fields in Time Matters

Every Time Matters user knows that the program is extremely customizable.  However, many overlook one of the most important aspects of customization – what do you do with all of the fields you are not using?

You can’t just leave these fields on your Form Styles with their factory settings as text fields labeled Custom13, etc.  Doing so just invites trouble.  If there is anything I have learned in years of working with Time Matters, it is that non-customized, empty fields attract bad data.  There is something about an empty field that makes people want to put something there.  To make things worse, the data they put there tends to be different depending on who is entering it.  One person decides that Custom13 is the perfect place to enter the statute of limitations date for their cases while another decides that they should be entering the referral source in the same field.  At best, this leads to confusion.  At worst, valuable data is compromised.

It is very easy to hide fields in Time Matters.  Simply right click on the field, select Customize Field.

Right Click for Customization

Right Click for Customization

When the customization screen appears, select “Hidden” in the lower left.

Time Matters Field Customization

Time Matters Field Customization

You can also hide entire areas of the form.  When you right click on a field, select Customize Area.  Click the area to highlight it and change the Area Type in the upper right to Hidden Area.

Time Matters Area Customization

Time Matters Area Customization

Here is one last tip on hidden fields.  Change the label to something that indicates it is not used.  I have seen some firms label the fields NotUsed, NU, or nu depending on the firm.  Why is this important?  When you are setting up a Formattable Clipboard, Triggers or any other feature where you need to select fields, it helps to have the unused fields labeled in a way that immediately tells you they are not being used for anything.

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3 Responses

  1. Patty says:

    Is there some way to change default fields in the billing record form? We have our billing linked to the program Juris, and since Juris has its own fields (bill date, duration, task & activity codes for certain clients), the staff in my office tend to get confused when they see ANOTHER date field in the billing record. I’d love it if I could hide the date, code, and time/duration fields, but it won’t let me. (Even when I try from the program level). Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!!

  2. Jeff Krause says:

    Patty. Please see my post entitled View Menu Settings in Time Matters Records for an explanation and thanks for visiting my blog.

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