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Grundig Digta 7 First Impressions

Yesterday, I received my new Grundig Digta 7 digital dictation device. I have been looking forward to trying it out ever since I saw the device previewed at LegalTech New York earlier this year. The Digta 7 has a number of interesting new features and functions, and it should be well received within the legal community and other professional dictation settings.  The Digta 7 is manufactured by Grundig Business Systems in Germany. German products have a reputation for being well-made and full functioned. The Digta 7 lives up to that reputation.

Grundig Digta 7 Front ViewGrundig is marketing the Digta 7 by citing five specific areas of functionality – Simplicity, Efficiency, Security, Quality and Mobility. Over the next several days I will write posts detailing each of those areas. Today, I want to focus on some of my overall impressions. The Digta 7 does not have the tapered ergonomic design of the Digta x420. I thought this was going to feel very different to me. However, the device feels quite natural in my hand. I suppose I have become used to cellular phones which are, of course, not tapered. The device also feels very light weight. Like the x420, the Digta 7 has a rubberized outer case that gives the user a sense of security that the device will not slip out of their hand. Another departure from the x420 is the new grayscale display. While not as colorful, it is certainly crisp and easy to read. It is also larger and does not look as crowded as the x420 screen.  The menus are clear and easy to navigate.  I am told the screen is easy to read even in the glare of direct sunlight. Of course, living in Wisconsin I will have to try that out when we actually see the sun – maybe sometime in June. The Digta 7 features dual microphones. This makes it more useful in situations such as interviews and conferences. It is now possible to record in stereo and you have flexibility to format your recordings in MP3 or, in a future update, WAV format. Another enhanced recording feature is the touch pin on the slide switch. The touch pin protrudes slightly when you are in the stop position, helping you to know when you are recording or paused.

Digta 7 Docked

I really like the new docking station. The docking station for the x420 had a very tight fit which sometimes made the dictation device difficult to insert or remove. The new docking station features a connector that can tilt slightly forward. This makes it very easy to insert the device because it does not have to be lined up absolutely perfect to the connector. The new station also provides an extra slot to recharge a second battery. Finally, the back of the station includes Grundig connector ports for a headset and foot pedal.  Just to be clear, these are not USB ports.  These are ports used as a connector unique to Grundig dictation equipment.  Nevertheless, the availability of these ports allows the Digta 7 to serve as the complete dictation and transcription station. Overall, I am quite impressed with my new Grundig Digta 7.  I’m looking forward to working with it on a daily basis, testing all of the new features and writing some additional posts on what I find.

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