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Google Search Operators

Every once in awhile I like to post something in the category of “You Learn Something New Every Day.”  Today, I picked up a couple of Google tips from my friend and fellow presenter Terry Dunst at Considerations for Starting a Law Practice.  While speaking on free and almost free legal research tools, Terry mentioned Google Commands or Search Operators.

It turns out there a dozens of useful little commands that help you refine your Google searching or find specific information.  Here are just a few.

define:word The define command searches for definitions of the word after the colon.

time:city The time command returns the current time in the city or location after the colon.

weather:city The weather command will return the current weather in the location.

My favorite is probably the site: command.  Many times, I find a great site but I have to wander through the site looking for the information I need.  The site command lets you do this.  For example, if I want to search my Krause Practice Management site for references to Time Matters I can type the following into my Google search – site: time matters site:krausepm.com.  This search returns 9 pages of hits from my site related to Time Matters.  When I run the same search a few days from now, this blog post will show up in that search.

Other commands include currency:, measurement: and calculator:.  I will let you try these on your own as they are pretty self explanatory.

After hearing Terry talk about some of these commands, I did a search of my own for Google commands.  I found the Advanced Operators Page on GoogleGuide.com that lists all of the above commands plus many others.

Try some of these useful commands the next time you use Google.

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