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Google gives boost to mobile friendly websites

Is your website mobile friendly?

Last April, Google made some changes to their search algorithms that favor websites that are mobile friendly and look good on smart phones and tablets. Google tweaked its algorithm for mobile searches to favor sites that look good on smartphone screens, and penalize sites with content that is too wide for a phone screen and text and links that are too small.

What does this mean to you?

SolfectawebIf your site is not mobile friendly, this could negatively impact how people can find your website. The advantages to making a site mobile-friendly go beyond just boosting your Google ranking. For sites that are mobile-optimized, search sends a number of visitors to smartphone sites and contributes to a significant portion of a website’s revenue. According to a study of 100 top mobile properties by Branding Brand, search accounted for nearly half of all smartphone traffic (43 percent) in Q1 2015, up 5 percent from the prior quarter. In addition, organic search produced 25 percent of all revenue on smartphone-optimized sites.

Here is a nice FAQ published by Google to help businesses with the latest update:

1. Will desktop and/or tablet ranking also be affected by this change?

No, this update has no effect on searches from tablets or desktops. It affects searches from mobile devices across all languages and locations.

2. Is it a page-level or site-level mobile ranking boost?

It’s a page-level change. For instance, if ten of your site’s pages are mobile-friendly, but the rest of your pages aren’t, only the ten mobile-friendly pages can be positively impacted.

3. How do I know if Google thinks a page on my site is mobile-friendly?

Individual pages can be tested for “mobile-friendliness” using the Mobile-Friendly Test.

Next steps

Use the Mobile Friendly test to see if your site is mobile ready. If it is, your website will not be affected by this new search algorithm update. If your site isn’t mobile ready, it might be a good time to update your website with responsive website design.

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