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Fields in the Time Matters Calendar Views

Can you change the fields that appear in the Time Matters calendar?  This question is asked at almost every Time Matters Boot Camp I do.  The answer is, of course, “Yes.”

To change the fields that display when you view your calendar, right click within the calendar and select Display Options.  In the lower right (Time Matters 9) there is a button that allows you to “Select Fields.”  Four tabs line the top of this dialog, Event Header, ToDo Header, Event Description and ToDo Description.  Simply select a tab and identify which fields you would like to show where.

One hint:  I don’t display the Staff field, I simply check the box at the bottom of the screen that allows for Staff to be shown when multiple staff are selected.  After all, when I view a calendar for one person, especially my own, I know whose calendar it is and do not need to see JSK in front of every record.  On the otehr hand, when I view a calendar for several people, I want to see who the Events and ToDos belong to.

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