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Faxed “Newsletters” and Blogs Not Advertising?

In my blawger survivor update for today I will send you over to Joseph Markowitz’s blog where he writes about a recent New York Court of Appeals ruling that deemed fax distributed newsletters to be information messages rather than advertising – even where the faxed message contains the attorney’s contact information.  Many legal bloggers have picked up on this and believe that the same can be said of blogs.

My two cents?  Someone had a good lawyer.  Sure most legal blogs focus on disseminating current information on the law but, come on.  Almost every legal blog out there was created for the purpose of marketing the lawyer’s services.  You hope people find the information useful and remember that there is an expert out there who can help.  When they need help, you hope they call you.  Isn’t that the same as every other form of marketing and advertising?  I would be lying if I said that was not one of the primary purposes of this blog.  Rant ends here.

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