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Dual Monitors – How Did I Ever Live Without Them?

During my recent business transition, I was able to make a few technology upgrades that I had been contemplating for some time.  One thing that several people had told me was worthwhile was a dual monitor setup.  When I ordered my new Dell Optiplex I made sure it came with a dual monitor video card then I picked up two 20 inch Widescreen Acer monitors at Walmart for about $200 each.  After using this setup for about two months, I cannot imagine ever going back to a single monitor at my main workstation.

It would be hard to measure the actual productivity boost that dual monitors provides.  Some studies indicate a boost of 20-30%.  I can tell you that it saves a great deal of minimizing and moving around of windows.  I have found it to be invaluable when drafting documents, working on my website, blog posts, or replying to email – any task where I need to refer back to one screen while working on another.

While many people had mentioned such a setup to me, I want to thank one person in particular for convincing me to do this.  Jim Filacetti, a client and friend from KJ Tax and Accounting in Waterford, Wisconsin, setup every workstation in his office with dual monitors two years ago.  Seeing the benefit at his office convinced me to setup dual monitors on my next system.  Jim has become so successful at making people see the benefits of such a setup that he has started a second business to help other small businesses implement productivity enhancements like multiple monitors, scanning and remote access.  Jim’s new venture is Advanced Office Solutions, LLC and I wish him all the best.

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