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Document Right Click in Time Matters

Last week, someone asked me whether Time Matters had a document “viewer” like many other Document Management applications. The answer is yes and there are a number of other useful functions that can be found in the same place.

There are actually at least two places where you can access the document viewer but the one I want to discuss her is the right click functionality in the Document List or Document Sublist. Right clicking on any Document record in Time Matters produces this menu of choices.

Time Matters Document Right Click

Time Matters Document Right Click

As you can see, the View File selection is one of many useful ones under this menu. Viewing a file opens a rather simple view that does not necessarily include all of a document’s formatting. However, it is often just enough to tell you whether this is the document you are looking for. Other functions within this menu allow you to Open the File, Create a PDF, Print the File, and Open a New Version of the File.

The Document viewer is also available when you perform a search of a Document Index in Time Matters.

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