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Digta 7 Features Review

A few weeks ago I blogged on Grundig Digta 7 First Impressions.  Today, I want to touch on five specific areas of functionality – Simplicity, Efficiency, Security, Quality and Mobility.  You will hear more about these five areas as they are the central focus of Grundig’s marketing of the new device.

Simplicity.  The Digta 7 has a simple, easy to operate slide switch.  If you have never used a digital recorder but are used to dictating with a slide operated tape device, you will find this an easy transition.  The Digta 7 slide switch includes a touch pin that protrudes slight when in the “Stop” position.   This makes it easy to know when you are recording, stopped or playing.  As insignificant as this might sound, this is an important feature.  If a digital device is set to the wrong position, the recording does not transfer correctly when docked.  I have seen authors, new to digital dictation, have trouble with this.  Another simplicity feature is the large, easy to read, display that includes a dynamic display of the dictation length.  The “Easy Mode” feature introduced with the x420 model allows administrators to hide the more advanced or complicated features of the device and allows authors to simply dictate without having to learn those features.

Efficiency.  Digtasoft Pro 4.7 software provides an easy method of transferring files from the device to a dictation network.  It also includes everything you need to create the dictation network.  The new docking station includes an additional slot to charge a spare battery and allow for uninterrupted dictation.  It also includes connections not just to a PC but also direct connections to a headset and foot pedal, allowing you to create dictation hubs.  The slide switch is configurable for dictation in either U.S. (up to record) or European (down to record).

Security.  The Digta 7 is capable of recording in 128/256 bit encryption.  The device’s internal memory can be protected with a pin number.  Dictations are individually identified with a unique ID.  To avoid loss of data, remaining battery life is displayed to the minute, and Digtasoft Pro provides several methods for backing up dictations to the network or the device.  The device also includes a motion sensor that automatically shuts down the device when the sensor determines the device is being dropped.

Quality.  Hold the Digta 7 in your hand and you can feel the quality.  It is lightweight yet solid.  Neither the buttons nor the slider feel flimsy or likely to break after repeated use.  The device has a rubberized housing that is non-slip and comfortable in your hand.  The device records in either DSS or DSS Pro format, which are optimized for voice recording and speech recognition and the new dual microphone technology allows you to record in stereo.

Mobility.  The Digta 7 is a mobile recorder that can be used anywhere but the most interesting new mobility feature is the Bluetooth capability available on the Digta 7 Premium BT.  It has always been simple to transfer dictations from a digital device to a computer – but you had to connect to a computer to do it.  The new Bluetooth capability allows you to connect your dictation device to a smart phone, transfer dictations and email them to any recipient.

The Digta 7 offers a number a exciting new features and enhancements to prior features.  On a side note, I demonstrated it yesterday for prospective client and it was very well received.  It also worked wonderfully in conjunction with Dragon.  For more on how that works, see Using Dragon in a Traditional Author/Transcription Setting.

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