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Digital Paper: Re-write The Way You Do Business


In March, at the American Bar Association Techshow in Chicago, we were introduced to Sony’s Digital Paper Device. This portable 13.3-inch e-paper apparatus is intended for educational, business and legal environments to replace notebooks, legal pads and file folders. At the light weight of only 12.6-ounces, Digital Paper includes WiFi, and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can hold up to three weeks with a single charge, to name a few. It’s not just a notepad to scribble in a few notes. This device can convert Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files into PDF format, then transfer them wirelessly or via USB to view, annotate and share amongst colleagues and friends. Seeing its forward-thinking benefits, Jeff Krause, partner of Solfecta, now implements this device in his own practice daily and has already reaped the benefits of switching from paper to Digital Paper.

We are among some of the few authorized resellers in the industry, so please contact us today to learn more!

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