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Customizing the Outlook Quick Access Toolbar

Here is a BFO (Blinding Flash of the Obvious) that I had the other day. I was constantly switching among the tabs in Outlook because there are two things that I did all the time – move emails to Worldox and send an email as a Fee record to PracticeMaster.  Once you have installed those programs/add-ins, these functions are found on the Worldox and PracticeMaster tabs in Outlook.  As I was putting together an Outlook presentation for next week at the Wisconsin Solo and Small Firm Conference, I realized that I could save myself a lot of clicking by adding the Move to Worldox and Create PracticeMaster Fee Record to the Quick Access Toolbar.

The Quick Access Toolbar is the toolbar of small icons located beneath the main toolbar.  It is visible regardless of which tab you have selected and looks something like this.

Outlook Quick Access Toolbar

If you click the small pull down arrow on this toolbar, you can modify it by selecting More Commands.  Just select the commands you desire and click Add.

Customize Quick Access in Outlook

Obviously, you can add whichever commands are useful to you but I think this is particularly useful for commands from add-ins because they are found in a completely different place for each integrated application.  This combines them in one place that is always visible.

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