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Copying a Document Path From Worldox

Every Worldox user knows that the program has some great features.  Here’s one that many people might not be aware of.

Worldox links with many programs but, every once in awhile, I use a program that requires me to browse Windows Explorer to find a document in Worldox.  There are two issues.  First, I have to know the path of the document and, second, I need to know the document number.  There is a trick that makes this much easier.

When prompted to find a document via Windows Explorer, minimize that screen and run a Worldox search for the document.  Once you find the document, you will see the document number, assuming your display shows the document number.  Next, right click on the document in Worldox and select Edit then Copy Location to the Clipboard.  See below.

Minimize Worldox.  Reopen the Windows Explorer window and paste the location into the search path.  Depending on the program, you may need to remove the document number from the path before you start the search.  See below.

When you hit the Enter key, Windows will open to folder you have specified.  If you remember the document number, find it in the list.  If you don’t, just reopen Worldox to look it up.  Select it in Windows Explorer and you are ready to go.

This technique saves me about a minute every time I need to browse for a document in a program that does not support Worldox.

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