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Comment Spam Revisited

After a four day surge in comment spam, I decided to give Akismet a try.  Akismet is a free comment spam blocker that is installed as a plugin to a Wordpress blog.  As soon as I installed it, Akismet showed me a list of the 211 pieces of comment spam that I have sifted through during the last 15 days.

Akismet automatically holds checks comments, trackbacks and pingbacks to the blog, places spam in the moderation queue and deletes it after 15 days.  If it works half as well as the site suggests, I might even have time to write a post now and then rather than read through comment spam.

Update (2/21/07): Thirty-seven pieces of comment spam killed in the 18 hours since I installed Akismet.  Not a single piece made it through.

Update (05/05/07): The count in about two and a half months is 2,651 pieces of comment spam caught by Akismet.  Perhaps 10 made it through to my email inbox asking me to moderate.  On average that is about 1 per week that made it through of the 265 per week that are being submitted.  Thank you Akismet!

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