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Color Required Fields in Time Matters

A question came up at the Time Matters Boot Camp in Indianapolis this week and I realized today that I had forgot to answer it during the Ask the Expert session at the end of the day.  The question dealt with required fields in Time Matters and how to color them so that users know they have to complete the field.

The first step is to make field required.  This is done just like any other field level customization in Time Matters.  Right click on the field and check the “Required” checkbox.  The second step is a user level setting.  From the File Menu, select Setup, General, User Level.  Select Forms.  One checkbox allows you to “Color Required Fields” and right next to it a button allows you to “Select Color.”  Because this is a user level setting, it must be done for each user.

Here are some tips on required fields.  Use them only where needed or they will become a burden.  Make sure you do not accidently hide a required field.  Use yellow, light red or light blue as the required field color.  Other colors may be too dark and make the text hard to read.

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