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Postponed: Solfecta Legal Technology Forum

This event has been postponed due to scheduling conflicts. We will announce a new date soon, stay tuned!  This free exclusive event will focus on new and existing legal technology and launch of our new Firmside Assistance program. In addition, we will have three different presentations about exciting legal technology trends where you will be […]

Thursday Tips and Tricks: Microsoft PowerPoint – Easily align images

Make sure all of your images are properly aligned in Microsoft PowerPoint Having properly aligned objects on your slide is the key to making it look polished and professional. You can manually try to line up your images but there is an easier and more precise way to align you images in PowerPoint. How to align […]

Thursday Tips and Tricks: Microsoft PowerPoint – Edit your slide template design

Edit your slide template in Microsoft PowerPoint It’s much easier to edit your PowerPoint template before you start. This way, you don’t have design each slide. Here is how you can edit your slide template: Select “View” in the top navigation, then click on “Slide Master“.   Make any changes you like or create any slide […]

Thursday Tips and Tricks: Microsoft Excel – Popular Keyboard Shortcuts

Like most Microsoft products, Excel has many useful keyboard shortcuts that can help you save time and improve efficiency. Here are a few examples of some easy keyboard shortcuts you can use: Ctrl + 2: Bold Ctrl + 3: Italic Ctrl + 4: Underline Ctrl + 5: Strikethrough Shift + Ctrl + F: Font dropdown […]

Lawyers Waste can up to Six Hours a Week on Document Management Issues

Technology can be a great way to save time and improve productivity at your firm. Sometimes it takes more than just new software, it take proper set up and training. We recently came across a blog post from MetaJure that shows you different ways your firm might be wasting time and productivity. If you are concerned your firm […]

How to Create and Use ScanSnap Profiles and Quick Menus

Every so often, I come across a product feature that I should have known about didn’t. Perhaps, I choose a way to do something that works for me, get used to it and never think about a better way. All of us get stuck in our way of doing things, I suppose. This past week, […]

Thursday Tips and Tricks: Microsoft Word – Subscript and Superscript

How do I add superscript and subscript text to a document in Microsoft Word? You can easily use the following keyboard shortcuts change text to subscript or superscript. Highlight the text and hit “Ctrl +” to make the text subscript Highlight the text and hit “Ctrl Shift +” to make the text superscript   Now you […]

Jeff Krause speaking at Legaltech New York 2016

Jeff Krause, Founder of Solfecta will be speaking at LegalTech in New York City on Tuesday, February 2 at 11:45am What Every Lawyer Needs to Know About Encryption with Citrix Sharefile Lawyers have an ethical obligation to protect information regarding their clients, including electronic data. Encryption protects data. So, why isn’t every lawyer using encryption? […]

Thursday Tips and Tricks: Microsoft Excel – Display Formulas

Display Formulas on your Spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel Opening an old spreadsheet or a spreadsheet created by someone else? Don’t remember all the formulas used in the document? You can find out which formulas were used in your document. To do this, use the Show Formulas button under Formulas (example below). This will give you a view […]

Solfecta Earns Prestigious Recognition- Tabs3 & Practice Master’s 2016 President’s Circle

Software Technology, Inc. recently announced that Solfecta has been named to the 2016 President’s Circle for Tabs3 and PracticeMaster software. President’s Circle members are selected annually based on their expertise with Tabs3 and PracticeMaster software, their strong client relationships, and their sales. “Congratulations to Jeff Krause and the team at Solfecta,” said Dan Berlin, President […]