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Archives: Worldox

Thursday Tips and Tricks: Worldox GX4 – How to Create a Bookmark

Create a Bookmark in Worldox GX4 Many times in a law firm you will want to access a specific matter or client in Worldox without having to navigate through files or go through a search template. The Worldox GX4 “Bookmark” feature allows you to record the path of a search result or matter folder to […]

Thursday Tips and Tricks: Worldox GX4 – Edit Profile Prompts to Move the Document

Worldox GX4 Tip – Edit Profile Prompts to Move the Document For years, I trained clients that they needed to Move a document that was misfiled in Worldox rather than Edit Profile. If your Worldox documents saved to folders and subfolders, Edit Profile would make the document searchable under the correct profile but would not […]

September Webinars

We have two great customer webinars scheduled for September: Worldox GX4 Demo Worldox GX4 was announced at NY Legal Tech in early February and is now available. This is a major release and includes many items firms have been asking for many years. Join us for this exclusive webinar as we go through all the […]

Customizing the Outlook Quick Access Toolbar

Here is a BFO (Blinding Flash of the Obvious) that I had the other day. I was constantly switching among the tabs in Outlook because there are two things that I did all the time – move emails to Worldox and send an email as a Fee record to PracticeMaster.  Once you have installed those […]

Digital Paper: Re-write The Way You Do Business

In March, at the American Bar Association Techshow in Chicago, we were introduced to Sony’s Digital Paper Device. This portable 13.3-inch e-paper apparatus is intended for educational, business and legal environments to replace notebooks, legal pads and file folders. At the light weight of only 12.6-ounces, Digital Paper includes WiFi, and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery […]

Worldox Integrates with Citrix ShareFile

One of Solfecta’s favorite document management systems, Worldox, has recently integrated with Citrix ShareFile, so that users can easily and securely share files inside or outside of their organization, all without ever leaving their Document Management System interface. It operates from multiple devices, including mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Users can send emails to […]

Workshare and Worldox Integrate

Workshare, known to be a trusted service provider of secure document sharing and collaboration, has recently integrated with Worldox, a leader in law firm document generation and management. The user will have access to securely share files and metadata cleaning services, along with file synchronization on any device as well as many more exciting new features. […]

Same Profile As in Worldox

Here is a quick tip on a Worldox feature you may have overlooked. I often create a Word document, save it to Worldox, then use the Acrobat plugin for Word to create a PDF.

This only takes a few seconds but I do this a lot and, some time ago, I realized there is a shortcut – Same Profile As.

Essentials of Document Management Webinar

The materials for my recent Essentials of Document Management webinar are now posted and available for download from my website.  The materials include the webinar PowerPoint and the accompanying whitepaper.  If you would like these materials please visit the Presentations Download section of the Resources page at www.krausepm.com. Update July 23, 2012.  Thank you to […]

Copying a Document Path From Worldox

Every Worldox user knows that the program has some great features.  Here’s one that many people might not be aware of. Worldox links with many programs but, every once in awhile, I use a program that requires me to browse Windows Explorer to find a document in Worldox.  There are two issues.  First, I have […]