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Archives: PracticeMaster

What’s new in Tabs3

The newest version of Tabs3 is now available. Version 18 of Tabs3 software delivers new ways to save time through enhanced reconciliation, bank transaction import capabilities, and improved trust accounting features. Tabs3 Billing Software Improved Date-Based Reports: All period-based reports in Tabs3 Billing are now date based, which means they can be run for previous […]

Thursday Tips and Tricks: PracticeMaster – Copy Records To Word Or Excel From PracticeMaster

Copy Records To Word Or Excel From PracticeMaster You can copy the contents of any list from PracticeMaster to Word or Excel. Simply select Ctrl-Alt-C while in the list, then paste to the destination program. When you copy and paste the list in this way, the copy will honor all active searches, sorts, column layouts, […]

Customizing the Outlook Quick Access Toolbar

Here is a BFO (Blinding Flash of the Obvious) that I had the other day. I was constantly switching among the tabs in Outlook because there are two things that I did all the time – move emails to Worldox and send an email as a Fee record to PracticeMaster.  Once you have installed those […]

Track Time On Your Phone With Tabs3 Connect!

Previously, you had to have PracticeMaster Platinum in order to get Tabs3Connect. Well, not anymore! STI recently unveiled a new exciting offer that Tabs3 Connect is now available to Tabs3 only users, as long as you have Platinum. If you’re unfamiliar with Tabs3 Connect, with zero worry of your device storing sensitive data and a […]

Tabs3 and PracticeMaster Release Version 17

We’re excited to announce that our friends over at Tabs3 and PracticeMaster have released Version 17! We were recently named to the President’s Circle for 2014, and could not be more pleased to hear about all the new enhancements they have to offer to the already award-winning software used by law offices all over the […]

The New PracticeMaster Matter Manager

The new version of PracticeMaster adds a number of impressive new features.  One of these is the new Matter Manager.  The Matter Manager is a usability feature- making it easier to view and access matter data in PracticeMaster. The Matter Manager consists of a number of components.  The upper left of the screen displays the […]