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Archives: Document Management

Lawyers Waste can up to Six Hours a Week on Document Management Issues

Technology can be a great way to save time and improve productivity at your firm. Sometimes it takes more than just new software, it take proper set up and training. We recently came across a blog post from MetaJure that shows you different ways your firm might be wasting time and productivity. If you are concerned your firm […]

Advanced Document Management with MetaJure Webinar

Focus on Practicing Law, Not Tagging and Uploading Email and Documents. MetaJure and Solfecta believe that technology should work for you, not create more work. With Metajure Document Management, automatically find any document in your organization regardless of location when you type in a keyword—just like Google finds information on the Web That is the […]

Digital Paper: Re-write The Way You Do Business

In March, at the American Bar Association Techshow in Chicago, we were introduced to Sony’s Digital Paper Device. This portable 13.3-inch e-paper apparatus is intended for educational, business and legal environments to replace notebooks, legal pads and file folders. At the light weight of only 12.6-ounces, Digital Paper includes WiFi, and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery […]

Worldox Integrates with Citrix ShareFile

One of Solfecta’s favorite document management systems, Worldox, has recently integrated with Citrix ShareFile, so that users can easily and securely share files inside or outside of their organization, all without ever leaving their Document Management System interface. It operates from multiple devices, including mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Users can send emails to […]

Workshare and Worldox Integrate

Workshare, known to be a trusted service provider of secure document sharing and collaboration, has recently integrated with Worldox, a leader in law firm document generation and management. The user will have access to securely share files and metadata cleaning services, along with file synchronization on any device as well as many more exciting new features. […]

Essentials of Document Management Webinar

The materials for my recent Essentials of Document Management webinar are now posted and available for download from my website.  The materials include the webinar PowerPoint and the accompanying whitepaper.  If you would like these materials please visit the Presentations Download section of the Resources page at www.krausepm.com. Update July 23, 2012.  Thank you to […]

Dropbox, Cloud Storage and Encryption

My friend and Lawtopia partner, Craig Bayer, has written an extensive post on Dropbox and similar services that store documents in the cloud. Recently, people have questioned the security of such services. Craig’s post discusses the various options you have to secure your data and concludes that encrypting your files before you upload them is […]

Moving Your Existing Documents Into Time Matters

Moving your existing documents into your new Time Matters document management system is easy once you know a few simple tricks.

ScanSnap S1500 Review

Introduction There are a number of reasons why I really like the ScanSnap.  It is a great value, especially when you consider the bundle Adobe Acrobat software.  It is small enough to be placed on the desktop and affordable enough to be placed on every desktop.  It is fast, scans in color and scans both […]

Creating an Email Retention Policy

Recently, two different clients have asked me to help them create an email retention policy.  In that my clients are law firms and law departments, they have been able to write the specific language themselves.  My assistance has been in helping them determine what the policy needs to include and how to formulate the actual […]