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Archives: Document Assembly

Almost Forgot to Post

Wow, for the first time during the Blawger Survivor contest, I almost forgot to post.  It was one of those days where I was able to focus to the point of blocking almost everything else out. What was I working?  I have been working on a technology audit template.  I hope to have some additional details […]

Acrobat 9 Ribbon in Word 2007

Adrobat ribbon in Word 2007 produces PDFs that retain hyperlinks, headings and other document components.

Setting Up Your Letterhead in Time Matters

Wow, it has been a busy December.  Very little time to post.  Today, however, we have about 10 inches of snow here in southeastern Wisconsin and everything is shut down.  At least now I have time to write a post. I was recently asked how a firm can setup its letterhead in Time Matters.  The […]

AutoText Options in Word 2007

A question came up yesterday at a client that I thought I knew the answer to.  It turned out I had to dig for it last night.  The question dealt with AutoText in Word 2007.  Specifically, a client who had recently migrated from Word 2002 was looking for the ability to AutoComplete (start typing a […]

HotDocs 2008 Released

Receiving my CIC copy in the mail today reminded me that I had not posted anything about HotDocs 2008.  I have always thought that HotDocs was one of the greatest productivity enhancing tools a law firm could buy.  The problem is that it has always had a steep learning curve.  Getting really good with HotDocs required […]