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Archives: Law Practice Management

Thursday Tips and Tricks: Tabs3 – Changing the Font Size in Rich Text Fields

Changing the Font Size in Rich Text Fields in Tabs3 Tabs3 had a great tip in their latest newsletter. Did you know that you can change the font size in rich text fields using your keyboard and mouse? When reading data in multi-line rich text fields, you can quickly zoom in or out to make […]

New Clio Updates

In January and February, 2016, the Clio app saw a number of updates. View Bills on the Clio Android App Bill Themes UI Refresh Communications Tab Refresh – Trial A/B Test Statements of Account by Responsible Attorney iOS Notifications for Clio Secure Messages and Calendar Invites.   View Bills on the Clio Android App Users […]

Lawyers Waste can up to Six Hours a Week on Document Management Issues

Technology can be a great way to save time and improve productivity at your firm. Sometimes it takes more than just new software, it take proper set up and training. We recently came across a blog post from MetaJure that shows you different ways your firm might be wasting time and productivity. If you are concerned your firm […]

Solfecta is proud to offer Zola Suite

Solfecta is excited to announce we now offer Zola Suite, a cloud-based legal practice management application. Zola enables law firms to manage and track every aspect of a legal case from statute of limitations to trust accounting in a single dashboard. Zola’s task and workflow management enforce accountability by providing notification when assigned tasks are not […]

Thursday Tips and Tricks: Tabs3 – How To Handle Client Refunds Due To Overpayments

How To Handle Client Refunds Due To Overpayments in Tabs3 Let’s say that your firm received a check from a client who wanted to pay his total final balance due for his case. However, after the check was processed with the bank, your paralegal discovers that the total amount on the check is $200.00 more […]

What’s new in Tabs3

The newest version of Tabs3 is now available. Version 18 of Tabs3 software delivers new ways to save time through enhanced reconciliation, bank transaction import capabilities, and improved trust accounting features. Tabs3 Billing Software Improved Date-Based Reports: All period-based reports in Tabs3 Billing are now date based, which means they can be run for previous […]

Why Clio Works for You

Happy 2016 everybody! It’s a new year, and with that comes a new opportunity to clean your slate and have a fresh, new start. Many of you have even set short-term and long-term goals (or “resolutions”) for your law practice, and that’s great news to hear. So now that you have planned your work, you […]

Top Thursday Tips and Tricks of 2015

2015 is rapidly coming to an end. During the year, Solfecta launched a new feature, Thursday Tips and Tricks. Every Thursday , we publish a tips and tricks blog article focusing on tips and tricks for software that you use every day.  Here are the top five tips and tricks from 2015: 1. Thursday Tips and Tricks: Microsoft Outlook – […]

Top Webinars of 2015

2015 is rapidly coming to an end. During the year, Solfecta hosts monthly webinars ranging from product tips and demos to popular technology and marketing topics. Here are the top three webinars from 2015: 1. Worldox GX4 Demo 2. Introduction to NetDocuments 3. Creating a Marketing Plan for Your Law Firm (and Sticking to It) Check out all […]

Thursday Tips and Tricks: Clio – Creating a Contact

Creating a contact with Clio When first using Clio, you have the option to add two different types of Contacts: Person Contacts and Company Contacts. Here is how you can manually create a Contact in Clio: Click on the “Contacts” tab in Clio. Depending on whether you want to set up a company or an individual, […]