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Archives: Just for Fun

Lost in the Clutter

A few months ago, Microsoft Office 365 rolled out a feature called Clutter. The purpose of Clutter is to filter out low priority messages for processing later. Basically, Clutter watches for emails with senders or subjects that you delete without reading, opening or responding to. In particular, I found that it watches for emails that […]

Top Blog Posts of 2015

2015 is rapidly coming to an end. We were lucky enough to be able to create over 50 informative blog posts throughout the year. These blog post included our new Thursday Tips and Tricks, as well as important product announcements, Solfecta news and event information. Here are the top 5 Solfecta Blog Posts of 2015: 1. Thursday […]

Solfecta Giveaway

It’s time for Solfecta to show some love! There’s a catch though… You have to show some love first. Here at Solfecta, it’s important for us to keep you posted on the latest and greatest in all of your technology needs. The best way to do that is by staying connected via social media outlets. […]

Amiga Memories

Now this brings back memories.  Amiga 2000 Teardown The Amiga 2000 was my second computer way back in 1986.  My first, by the way, was a TRS-80 around 1980.  The Amiga was an amazing machine for its day.  It was mouse driven, had great graphics and was really fast compared to other computers at the […]

Blawger Survivor Roll Call

This being the first day of Blawger Survivor, I am going to plug each of the other players today.  At first I thought this was going to be a simple, short, cop-out post but with about a dozen other players, visiting and commenting on each site may make this the longest post I do this […]

Bar Association Looking for a New Slogan

I received an email today from a bar association of which I am a member.  I have been randomly selected to provide my opinion on several new logos and slogans for the bar.  The logo and slogan are part of the bar’s effort to highlight, to the public, it’s “improved service and renewed commitment.”  I applaud […]