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Archives: Guest Posts

Lawyers Waste can up to Six Hours a Week on Document Management Issues

Technology can be a great way to save time and improve productivity at your firm. Sometimes it takes more than just new software, it take proper set up and training. We recently came across a blog post from MetaJure that shows you different ways your firm might be wasting time and productivity. If you are concerned your firm […]

Remote Client Access by Jeff Stouse

This post originally appeared on the new blog of my friend and colleague Jeff Stouse of Excedere Training and Consulting in Indianapolis. … Remote Client Access (RCA) has been a concept that many law firms have wanted to provide (given that the access is both controlled and secure) for a long time. How many times […]

Updating for New Mileage Rate in PCLaw

How to make the appropriate changes so that PCLaw calculates the current IRS mileage rate for 2010.

Collections Best Practices – Getting Paid

Loretta Ruppert writes a guest post on law firm collections practices – getting paid, on the Jeff Krause’s Practice Management Blog.

Collection Best Practices – Solutions

For the firms who have developed collection processes, here were some common best practices …

Collection Best Practices – The Problem

I am very happy to welcome Loretta Ruppert, from LexisNexis Practice Management, as a guest writer.  As Senior Director of Community Management, Loretta works to bring together the community of product users, consultants and technology leaders and to create a resource to facilitate better communication and cooperation between these groups.  I have extended an open […]