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Archives: Security

Anti-Virus Is Critical But So Are Anti-Virus Exclusions

There are lots of bad people online. We all know this and most of us try to counter them with anti-virus software. If you don’t have it, get it today. However, if you are running any kind of database on your network, anti-virus software can cause all sorts of problems. These problems show up in […]

Need a Static IP Address – Try DynDNS

When you type an alphabetical address into your web, the address is turned into a numbered IP address formatted as ###.###.###.###.  This IP address identifies a site on the internet.  In addition, IP addresses identify Internet connections.  In other words, when you connect to the Internet, the device you are connecting through (i.e. your home […]

Suspicious File Warning!

I just received 4 emails all from different sources and all of them look like attachments that I would not trust to open. Here is why: 1. I do not know who they came from nor have any record of this email address. 2. Even if “RE:” or “FW:” is in the subject line, it […]

Dropbox, Cloud Storage and Encryption

My friend and Lawtopia partner, Craig Bayer, has written an extensive post on Dropbox and similar services that store documents in the cloud. Recently, people have questioned the security of such services. Craig’s post discusses the various options you have to secure your data and concludes that encrypting your files before you upload them is […]

If You Comment, Don’t Use the Word Insurance!

For the last three months, I have been battling comment spam.  Comment spam is incredibly irritating.  In most cases, it takes the form of a stupid meaningless comment like “Great site!” followed by a list of links to sites all over the Internet.  The spammer is hoping that his comment will get through the blog’s […]

UPS Virus Making the Rounds

It seems that a new virus is going around.  This one masquerades as an email from UPS claiming that a UPS shipment could not be delivered.  Readers are asked to click on the attached waybill.  Of course, the attachment contains a virus. UPS has released a warning regarding the virus. This one must have some unusual […]

Is Online Backup Right for a Law Firm?

During yesterday’s Hanging Out a Shingle CLE in Madison, the topic of backup came ups serveral times.  While I certainly recognize the benefits, I have never really been a fan of online backup for my law firm clients.  I have always been wary of not only placing but also transmitting confidential client information on the Internet. […]

Your Crazy Password — Make it Easier to Remember

We all hate to keep changing our password or even having a password at all, but it’s the price we pay for having our systems on the Internet 24/7 for e-mail and remote access.  A password is the most basic measure everyone can take to prevent a variety of unpleasant things from happening to you […]

Vista User Account Control and Time Matters

 Thanks to Corey Smith of Master the Business, who pointed me to TweakUAC, an app that places User Account Control into “Quiet” mode.  In a few short hours it has saved me from a bunch of annoying popups.  See my earlier post on pop-ups in GoToMeeting. However, it does nothing to help me with the current headache I am experiencing with […]