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Archives: Networking

Backup 101 For Law Firms

Thanks to Jane Pribek for quoting me quite extensively in a recent column for the Wisconsin Law Journal entitled Seven Things Every Lawyer Needs to Know About Backup.  Also quoted was my friend Sarit Singhal from Superior Support Resources. For the record, Krause Practice Management is located in Waterford, Wisconsin not Watertown.  Jane is not […]

UPS Virus Making the Rounds

It seems that a new virus is going around.  This one masquerades as an email from UPS claiming that a UPS shipment could not be delivered.  Readers are asked to click on the attached waybill.  Of course, the attachment contains a virus. UPS has released a warning regarding the virus. This one must have some unusual […]

Vista: I’ve Been Either Really Lucky or Really Good

There is an old saying that sometimes it is better to be lucky than good.  I’ve read lots of anti-Vista posts recently including one from Ross Kodner from early January.  Ross dubs Vista My Own Personal Hell (MOPH).  After reading Ross’s post and other similar posts, I feel pretty lucky. I have had a few […]

Your Crazy Password — Make it Easier to Remember

We all hate to keep changing our password or even having a password at all, but it’s the price we pay for having our systems on the Internet 24/7 for e-mail and remote access.  A password is the most basic measure everyone can take to prevent a variety of unpleasant things from happening to you […]

Vista User Account Control and Time Matters

 Thanks to Corey Smith of Master the Business, who pointed me to TweakUAC, an app that places User Account Control into “Quiet” mode.  In a few short hours it has saved me from a bunch of annoying popups.  See my earlier post on pop-ups in GoToMeeting. However, it does nothing to help me with the current headache I am experiencing with […]

More Fun with Vista

I’ve been hearing lots of grumbling recently about Vista. Most of comments echo my own. “I really like the look and feel of Vista but why is [Insert your function here] so darn difficult?” Two recent issues I have encountered might illustrate my point. While helping a client install Time Matters to a new workstation, […]

Do You Need a Dedicated Server?

Recently, I have visited several small firms who are considering upgrading their existing networks.  The firms range in size from 2-5 users and all currently have peer-to-peer networks.  Over the last few years, we have upgraded a number of similar firms to a dedicated server system.  While it will cost more than a peer-to-peer network, a true […]