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Archives: Applications

Anti-Virus Is Critical But So Are Anti-Virus Exclusions

There are lots of bad people online. We all know this and most of us try to counter them with anti-virus software. If you don’t have it, get it today. However, if you are running any kind of database on your network, anti-virus software can cause all sorts of problems. These problems show up in […]

Need a Static IP Address – Try DynDNS

When you type an alphabetical address into your web, the address is turned into a numbered IP address formatted as ###.###.###.###.  This IP address identifies a site on the internet.  In addition, IP addresses identify Internet connections.  In other words, when you connect to the Internet, the device you are connecting through (i.e. your home […]

Suspicious File Warning!

I just received 4 emails all from different sources and all of them look like attachments that I would not trust to open. Here is why: 1. I do not know who they came from nor have any record of this email address. 2. Even if “RE:” or “FW:” is in the subject line, it […]

Workflowy App Available

I am not sure how I missed this, but Workflowy released Apple and Android apps earlier this year. I reviewed Workflowy back in May, 2012 and it was perhaps the most well-received and cited post I have ever written. That’s because Workflowy allows you to organize your tasks in the same way you think about […]

Dropbox, Cloud Storage and Encryption

My friend and Lawtopia partner, Craig Bayer, has written an extensive post on Dropbox and similar services that store documents in the cloud. Recently, people have questioned the security of such services. Craig’s post discusses the various options you have to secure your data and concludes that encrypting your files before you upload them is […]

Chrometa Helps You Capture Your Time

Have you ever had one of those days where you were busy all day?  You moved from one item to the next, dealt with interruptions and was able to get a lot of work done.  Problem is, you look down at your timesheet and it is almost blank.  You try to reconstruct your day but […]

How Are You Using PDF Portfolios?

One of my favorite Adobe Acrobat featutres is the PDF Portfolio added in Acrobat 9 Professional.  PDF Portfolios are a new way to combine files of any type, not just PDFs, into a single PDF file.  The single file can be opened by anyone with Acrobat and the individual files retain the ability to be […]

Word 2007 and Vista Updates

Another Vista update last night and, once again, Word 2007 is toast. This started about two months ago and has now happened three times.  My computer, which is left on pretty much 24/7 downloads updates over night and restarts itself.  When I login the next morning, everything seems to work fine.  I open Word 2007, […]

Backup 101 For Law Firms

Thanks to Jane Pribek for quoting me quite extensively in a recent column for the Wisconsin Law Journal entitled Seven Things Every Lawyer Needs to Know About Backup.  Also quoted was my friend Sarit Singhal from Superior Support Resources. For the record, Krause Practice Management is located in Waterford, Wisconsin not Watertown.  Jane is not […]