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Blawger Survivor Roll Call

This being the first day of Blawger Survivor, I am going to plug each of the other players today.  At first I thought this was going to be a simple, short, cop-out post but with about a dozen other players, visiting and commenting on each site may make this the longest post I do this week.  Here is the roll call, in the order they agreed to play

Connecticut Employment Law Blog.  Daniel Schwartz writes on Connecticut employment law issues.  From the number of posts on his blog, it appears Dan is very active and should have very little trouble in this contest.

Wags Outside.  Another recovering lawyer in the contest.  David’s blog provides “Random musings on family, faith, politics, current events, career and outdoor adventures.” 

No Reins Girl.  The first of two law student blogs.  I don’t have a name for this print-designer turned law student but her story sounds similar to mine.  Go to school, get a job, go back to law school later in life.  Good luck in your second year of law school.

The Connected Lawyer.  Can wait to read some posts from Bryan Sims, an Illinois (neighbor to the south) litigator, whose blog focuses on “Leveraging Technology to Practice Law More Effectively.”

Current Employment.  Tim Eavenson is an attorney from the Chicago area writing on employment law.  It looks like Tim is currently looking for a job and should have plenty of time to post over the next few weeks.

1L Poet.  Another anonymous law student entry.  1L Poet writes for other law students, friends and family, poets and of course intrepid you.

The Nutmeg Lawyer.  Adrian M. Baron is another Connecticut attorney who writes tips on law firm marketing, legal practice, office management and anything else that might pique your interest about the trials and tribulations of law practice.

Tax Girl.  Kelly Phillips writes Tax Girl “Because paying taxes is painful … but reading about them shouldn’t be.”

Employment Law WA.  Jill Pugh is a Seattle attorney who works in the employment law field.

Halo Secretarial Services.  Laurie Mapp is a virtual legal assistant.  That reminds me.  I need to turn in my virtual lawyer presentation for the Wisconsin Solo and Small Firm Conference in October.

Leadership, Women, Lawyers.  Cynthia Rowland is an attorney from San Francisco.  Looks like Cynthia was at the ABA Annual Meeting two weeks ago.  I wonder how many of our other contestants were there.  I spent Friday in the exhibit hall helping Lexis demo Time Matters and PCLaw.

Out-House General Counsel.  Last but not least, Daniel J. Alexander II is a business lawyer whose business and blog focus on the importance of building a relationship with a good business attorney.

That is a pretty diverse (and very busy) group.  Let’s see how long we last.

What do I plan to write about in my next fourteen (Oh My!) posts?  Look for something on my new phone system, technology audits, PDF Portfolios and, as usual, some Time Matters posts.

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