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Benefits of More Frequent Blogging

I have been doing Blawger Survivor for just over a week.  In fact, today is the 7th post out of the fifteen required.  While I certainly enjoy a challenge, one of the reasons I wanted to do this was to see if more frequent posting would increase readership and page views.  The results for last week are in.

Now, granted, I had not been posting very often prior to the contest.  For that reason, I was only experiencing about 25 views per day.  However, it looks like more frequent posting and Blawger Survivor has increased page views on my blog by about 50% in just the first week to around 35-40.  Still not as many as I would like but clearly more frequent posting is having an impact.

Blawger Survivor Update.  Speaking of the contest, it looks like quite a few of us are still alive.  Bryan Sims over at The Connected Lawyer writes that he was recently interviewed for an article on must have tech tools and that he will be presenting on the topic at the ISBA Solo and Small Firm Conference in October.

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